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Jim’s Rant For the Day. Alternate High School Education; Pearl Harbor Attack and Shakespeare Plays.

Knowing what we are now learning from “Conspiracy Theories” [translated to “what free thinkers think”], is it possible for a high school student to educate themselves just by studying conspiracy theories mostly?

I am currently enjoying reading A Life in Code: Pioneer Cryptanalyst Elizebeth Smith Friedman.

She was one of the leading women that worked alongside Alan Turing in cracking the German Enigma code machine of WWII. Actually the book is a twofer in that her husband, William Friedman, was also a gifted code breaker and together they were the primary creators of the Cryptology field.

Before proceeding I must share one true story with you. When the war broke out the married couple had to sign strict non-disclosure agreements to not discuss with each other the different projects they were working on. Elizabeth suggests there was talk of them possibly not being allowed to sleep together in the event they talk in their sleep. That’s her interpretation of things. William’s interpretation is that they had three kids because they were not allowed to discuss their work in bed.

Now back to the conspiracy theories. When December 7th, 1941 news of the Pearl Harbor attack reached William he cursed loudly and then began crying. He never said a word more to Elizabeth. Years later when his work was declassified she learned he had worked on “Project Purple” which had cracked the Japanese code four years prior to the attack and was still being used during the attack. Thus American leadership allowed the attack to happen for political reasons. It was no longer a conspiracy theory.

When Elizabeth graduated from college with a degree in English Literature, she was hired by a millionaire to work on a project to prove the two hundred year old theory that Sir Francis Bacon actually wrote the sonnets and plays performed by William Shakespeare. There were stories that the manuscripts had coded messages in them although no one had ever seen them. Within a year she discovered the placements of “a” and other letters in the sentences created a type of binary code which clearly were statements that Bacon was naming himself as the author. Her work was accepted as definitive proof that it was Bacon and not Shakespeare.

If we add other conspiracy theories that are proving themselves true these days could a self taught student fare better in truth and knowledge, including geopolitical theories, than an average High School graduate of today?

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