• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day: All Clear?

Per Mike Adams today:

Per Jeffery Prather and others Mike has talked with:

45 MM Per Jeffery Prather, once Trump wins he will have to respond with special forces surgical strike forces. He will not bring in massive troops and armored vehicles into cities otherwise he will lose support of the population.

48 MM Military will use quick reaction 5 man teams working out of civilian vans. If mayors and governors interfere they too will be arrested. Mayor Ted Wheeler (Oregon) just announced he is now against Antifa.

54 MM Clean up of Democratic cities may take a month to few months.

The left will switch to terrorist bombings then.

Armed Patriots will no longer hold their fire against Antifa and BLM. Terrorists won't go to rural America.

P. S. From Jim: The above postings from Mike Adams podcast today is not a sounding of "All Clear." It is what to expect immediately after Trump is reelected. There are more waves yet to hit us. The collapse and reset are also upon us. The past due mortgage and rent problem will make millions homeless. The Deep State may still be alive. All the above is indicating is you may not have to bug out tomorrow by high noon.

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