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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Alarm Clock Kill Shot.

There is a lot of talk about American truckers locking down Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday prior to the Superbowl. Alternative media pod caster Jaco suggests the truckers lock down all the State Houses that support the Vax mandates instead. I disagree with him.

The United States has three national heirlooms, July 4th, our World Series baseball and our football Superbowl. The timing is not right on July 4th or the World Series. That leaves Superbowl Sunday. In case you aren’t familiar with the event, it is why every year on that Sunday there are dog competitions and lots of funny videos shown.

I don’t know who came up with the Trucker event next Sunday but it’s brilliant. If you want to see how brilliant it will be then just watch the current MSN Media’s coverage of the Canadian Truckers revolt. “But Jim”, you might say “There isn’t any.” That’s my point!

Now fast forward in your mind’s eye to Superbowl pre-show TV broadcasts. What are they going to talk about? Will it be about who has the best quarterback, what the tailgaters are cooking in the parking lot, or the fact there is no one there at the stadium? If it’s the latter what else will they discuss as to why the stadium is empty? Surely with all the TV announcers there and the big eye in the sky blimp, they must at least let the blimp take a few peeks outside the stadium. Surely they will have to explain what is happening in Cincinnati.

Again, it’s brilliant! The MSN Media will loose the last of their control over the narrative and the Cabal knows it’s coming. The only way they can prevent their impending train wreck is for Russia to go to war. But the problem there is no one to fight them, so that would be a dud too.

So here’s the deal. If the MSNM instead shows the Russian troops in bivouac or the dog competition, they will drive more people to Trumps new “Truth Social” platform, expected to go online February 21st. If the MSNM does acknowledge Trucker revolts around the world then this too will drive more viewers to sign up at Truth Social. This trucker kill shot will require only three days, then they can move on State Houses.

Personally I have never been a sports fan but today I must order my Superbowl LVI Tee shirt. This one will be a collectors item. This setting on the alarm clock to awaken the rest of the sheeple will be a kill shot to the MSNM.

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