• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Again What Clif Said Last Night.

In his half hour podcast, The Innocents a'Woo, he said that between Nov 15th and the 21st the Main Street Media will turn away from protecting Biden. He points out that the Covid conversation by the news is dwindling. The “Normies (Sheeple) are now waking up, especially from the last week. He points to the number of injured and young persons collapsing at the wrap concert and are puzzled why 20 year olds are having heart attacks. The Normies realize something just isn’t right anymore.

The financial decay is waking them up now as well as it gets harder on people. Social cracking will start around the 15th with rising in intensity in emotion of push-back against Biden. He will lose the corporate media. More deaths will become apparent.

He will run his linguistics program and report back in a couple of days but says his program is running out of the ability to see past this chaos and free speech attack period.

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