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Jim’s Rant For The Day? Rumors Aflying, Another Delay?

Two rumors out yesterday you may be aware of: DNI Ratcliff’s report is delayed until January and secondly Trump ordered most of his staff to leave D. C. Again these are just rumors.

If true, there are several possibilities for the Delay:

1) It is true or it is not true.

2) It is a red herring for the Deep State;

3) It is in reference as to when the public will receive it;

4) Trump is stalling and waiting for success in the courts. 5) DNI Ratcliff is under new management.

My belief is that the report is completed. When a report of that nature has been ordered two years earlier, it is done on time. An issue as important as this one is not that hard; the answer is either “A” or “B”. If the issue is what direction is the train going on the track, it is either North or South.

If that report was due and there was just one more supporting piece of information still coming in, I would state “Supporting Addendum to follow.” But keep this in mind: that report is not required for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. If his original intent was to staple it to the signed Act, he can attached when it is delivered. It's no biggie.

In regards to Getting Outa Dodge, your imagination is as good as mine.

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