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Jim’s Rant For The Day. A Tail Of One City.

I live near Milton, Florida, a small country city on the river. As its name implies it was once a lumber mill community. It is very much Trump country.

Last Saturday there was a small protest in front of the local hospital over the director's demand that all medical practitioners and employees be vaccinated immediately. A good friend of mine told me that around that time she met with a doctor there about being treated for an ailment. The doctor said he could do the procedure and to make an appointment for it. The next day she received a call from his office stating the doctor was no longer working at the hospital. She suspects he was either fired or quit.

There was a news story out that the City Council was to give the hospital director an award Tuesday night at the regular Council meeting. The award was for requiring vaccinations for all employees. Apparently someone tipped off the director not to show up for the meeting. The meeting had protesters outside consisting of terminated hospital employees.

Here is the strange part. That night the Council voted unanimously to end all city mandates requiring vaccinations by businesses and employees! So my question is “Who was pulling this dog’s tail?” I know who the last person was, it was Governor Desantis who a day or two earlier ordered all funds to be cut off to municipalities and school boards that required a vaccination.

So who was pulling the Council’s tail first? I have to assume it was the Deep State and their money. The only reason for sharing this true set of events is to warn you to expect sudden chaotic changes in our world as we proceed through this war.

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