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Jim’s Rant For The Day. A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To See Atlas Shrugged At The Movies.

Jim’s Rant For The Day. A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To see Atlas Shrugged At The Movies.

Last week I ordered all three parts to the of the movie series Atlas Shrugged. I got frustrated and confused in trying to make my order. It appeared the three parts weren't connected to each other. One confusing fact is the actors were not the same in the three parts but the director was the same. I mentioned this to my son and he laughed and said it was because the leftest hate Ayn Rand and her push for Capitalism.

So I did a search and discovered two good articles on what I had been told.

Search: Why did the three Atlas Shrugged movies have different casts and different directors? Movie Trailer

The first article:

Robert Zraick , former Actor, director, performer over 60 years

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Because of the “tolerant” leftist Hollywood loons who absolutely hate the writings of Ayn Rand, because she championed individualism and the Founding principles of our country, the film was made by a small number of dedicated film makers who made the three films basically one at a time.

As a result, they could not sign anyone to a three film deal. So each film had to cast from scratch and use available actors.

Considering the attitudes of most of Hollywood and the prejudice against any actors who or not among the leftist loons, it is amazing that the films got made at all.

Film and television writing is primarily leftist propaganda these days. Typically a television series these days will be more balanced in it first season, and then the leftist propaganda function is escalated in subsequent seasons.

Too bad really. I have really enjoyed the series Blindspot for example. But now in its third season, they have male characters who are concerned about their husbands, openly gay characters which is not yet overdone, but they just had “Bill Nye the Science guy play a part as himself. This guy is a liberal loon who has a perverted show for children on Netflix and is a complete fraud as a scientist and as a spokesperson for the Climate Change hoax.

Really sad to see not only late night comedy become so leftist politically, but what are otherwise good series doing the same. Source

And the other:

Robert Johnston, Ecology, Music, Creativity, Photography, Meditation, Health, Humor

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Why is Atlas Shrugged called the Libertarian Bible?

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

The USA is one of the very few nations begun with a Constitution that meant to design a way that free people can live together in peace and liberty. To think through what that involves, and HOW TO DO IT, considering all the complexities of combining liberty and social rules, while diversity is also expected, takes decades and the participation of thousands of people, if not also EVERYONE, for all time.

If you ask me, the USA has been woefully negligent at generating and maintaining the brain power to work through those many issues, but in some ways it has also accomplished a great deal by winning it’s liberty from England and then designing that great Constitution, and evolving slowly up as time went on, with Amendments and customized laws.

But a “law” is usually a negative force, a limitation, a condition, a convention. They can be very positive, by preventing negatives. But lives must be lived in reality, real considerations come into play relentlessly, and surprises and new situations for everyone or subgroups of people, always show up, to give us new things to consider, and that challenge the thinking and decisions of the past.

What Ayn Rand did to help, after having seen the horrors of the Stalin regime in Russia destroy the country and kill millions of bodies and far more minds and souls, was to consider again what it means to be a truly free person operating in the USA. She created Howard Roark in The FountainHead, as a depiction of a character representing one example of an ideal character in the USA, and what he would experience and strive for. The realities, the experiences, the social forces, the law, the business practices, the human character virtues and flaws that affect thinking and behavior. This she did again in a more elaborate way with Atlas Shrugged. I think Rand’s intent to was review far more than just “Libertarian” viewpoints. Both books offer a challenge to THINK and RETHINK what goes on when you try to operate a free civil society and avoid forces of tyranny and suppression.

Rand was not perfect, she had some serious flaws that affected her artistic vision. I think FountainHead is a better book than Atlas Shrugged, but the latter is more popular because I think it’s more elaborate and involves more angles and parts of society in the USA, so more readers can find something to relate to there. Who hasn’t taken a ride on a train or worked in a business that had competition or problems with government regulations? Maybe Howard Roark some people can’t relate to.

Rand’s virtue in Atlas Shrugged was in making people think for themselves, by presenting a story that challenged fundamental social conventions that affect everyone’s life in serious ways.

Rand’s faults are in being so tainted by her hatred of the Soviet Union and tyranny, that her ability to present a grand artistic presentation of philosophy became hindered by extremist polarization of people who are to represent the “good” and those representing the “bad”. I’ve always thought that US novelists and movie creators have a very hard time trying to be realistic and rewarding when presenting forces of the “bad” side. They immediately jump to extreme and absolute negatives and it all becomes a car chase and a shootout where the good guy wins every time. Where the “bad” side is superficial and not realistic, the “good” side is also going to shift towards the superficial and silly.

Rand at least gave Atlas Shrugged lots of winding turns to take for her characters, and didn’t rely on car chases or gun fights, it was through using the mind and by challenging philosophies and reasons, that people made tough life-direction changes.

So Atlas Shrugged is not a “Bible” on Libertarianism or anything else. It’s a challenge to think. Mindless morons who seek to be cult members and just live in the shadow of some fantasy Mommy group, have no self-respect, they have none of the character traits of those who can live in or contribute to a free society.

Rand is on some YouTube interviews where you see her say emphatically, that she thought that the true enemies of the USA are mostly to be found in the USA’s own conservatives. She thought the conservatives would be where evil grew and where corruption and the worst philosophies and behavior would possibly rise and destroy the USA, if anyone ever could. Conservatives truly hate liberty and hate anyone different or smarter than they are. Conservatives hate change, and yet the #1 rule of the Universe, is that change is the constant. Evolution is the positive result of using change and cooperation to live longer and better and more resilient.

So it doesn’t work, when the political far-right tries to refer to Ayn Rand or Atlas Shrugged, as an inspiration for far-right corruption, the existence of a tyrannical corporate welfare state and oligarchy, of politicians ever being bought out by private sector or foreign investors.

Libertarianism is also something that is highly debated regarding exactly what it is. That’s a good thing, it helps to sharpen minds on the topic of how free people can live in a free society, and contribute to that society and enjoy the rewards of civil society, without it meaning an excessive loss of choice, liberty, or even a loss of the society’s own liberties. No person wants to be held under tyranny, but no society should be taken over by a tyrannical force either. Safeguards called laws, regulations, and all the supporting monitor and security systems have to be in place, to protect an evolved society, from the more primitive and the degenerate forces of the predators.

The only “Bible” of a free society, is in learning about free societies, from thousands of authors who have commented on the topic, from many cultures through the centuries, from around the globe, and in living with the personal choice to have self-respect, self-discipline, self-determination and honor the best of others and their possibilities, to UNDERSTAND, as we learn from the Asian philosophies, that everything everywhere is all interdependent and interactive. Diversity is natural and needs to be accommodated! A major point! Diversity is how the force of LIFE ever endured on this planet. Diversity is how we learn, grow, survive and improve our awareness as thinking creatures who live by our minds instead of eating grubs in the garden.

Just about everything you learn when learning about a democratic society, or a “Republic”, or any society using democratic process to support elections and public representation, no matter what system name they use ……. is that freedom is essential, but so is cooperation with diversity and change, and the whole planet has to be considered in the equation. Were your shoes made in another country? Your fridge? Your car? Your shirt? So that understanding leads to a very important crystal clear bit of understanding that letting a society drift to the far-right or the far-left, both of which mean total tyranny and social downfall, is that the extremes of the far-right and far-left are to be avoided. The dynamics of where you live, and how you live, in the options that constitute a civil range of options in the “center”, are where you find a society that is conscious, responsible, considerate, cooperative, includes loves of free people, free speech, free journalism, and protections against such things as monopolies, corruption, injustice, and it aims to promote social justice, liberty, change, opportunities, resilience in the face of misfortunes from time to time (hurricanes, drought, asteroids, etc.) and through being about everyone’s hopes, be far less likely to be involved in warmongering or offensive measures against other states.

The implications of the topic are endless. But Atlas Shrugged has some faults and is not a “Bible”. It’s a very functional leap into the topic of how free people operate and how a society that is democratic and free, must behave. But it’s not meant to be, nor can it be, by itself, a model of how to do things….. for anyone. Atlas Shrugged is an artistic presentation of some philosophy and vitally important issues, to generate thinking and discussion. It is NOT to be considered a blueprint or final vision of any kind. Ayn Rand would vomit on you if you told her you thought Atlas Shrugged was your Bible. She’s know any such person was being a weak thoughtless philistine and probably a likely candidate to be swept up by a cult leader or conservative political party, and become a detriment to themselves and all of society. Free societies are those of free people cooperating, not a Provider class and a Parasite class. Social conventions such as schools, roads, hospitals, police, firemen, trade group training schools, these are all based on free people cooperating for what is OBVIOUSLY, what is needed to make a system work. They are the opposite of tyrannical forces, unless corruption and greed of a sub-group trying to take advantage, get any power within them. Source

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