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Jim’s Rant For the Day: A Bridge To Nowhere.

Updated: May 11, 2022

I once studied a law case about a bridge that was built to nowhere. It always stuck in my mind because it had the only picture in the entire casebook. Sure enough it was a huge concrete bridge spanning a river with no roadway to it. It just sat in woods with no human activity in sight for about sixty years.

The crux of the case was a new county administrator was duly elected and the day of his inauguration he signed the contract to have the bridge constructed, which it was. However, he signed ten minutes before he was sworn into office. Therefore he had no authority to contract for the bridge. It never was completed once word was out. Thus the county never constructed a road to it because they didn’t own the bridge and there went all the big real estate deals hedging on it.

As can be seen, legal mistakes can be costly and once fraud or impropriety is discovered parties can walk away from what was once seen as legal. All of the results of the now illegal action have to be undone.

I bring this up because I still suspect that the big news about to break is that the Supreme Court will announce the illegality of the Biden administration, that the Court is unraveling things now and that may be why the Democrats are in panic with the SCOTUS. I still support the logical prospect that before we can have an election in 2022 the legal mess of the the stolen 2020 election must be cured. If not, then we will only continue to bridge our world to nowhere as well, adding more legal issues that will ultimately have to be undone.

Perhaps the leaking of Roe v. Wade was a red herring for the real announcement by SCOTUS.

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