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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. 16 Penny Nails.

I was asked to purchase a box of 16 Penny nails for the nail gun yesterday. I am not a “thing” person. I only know that a 16 Penny nail is the big one in the heavy brown bag used for big boards.

All the supplies for my wife’s porch were purchased from the local small hardware store. They had everything but a screen door so I went to Home Depot. While there I looked for the 16 Penny nails I forgot. I could not find “16 Penny" written on any nail gun boxes so I called for a salesman.

He condensendingly informed me they no longer use the term “Penny” anymore. So I asked for a box of comperable nails. When he found it he said “These are only 3 and a quarter inches where a 16 Penny is 3 and a half inches long.” I realized the language had been screwed with again to hide inflation (Dollar collapse).

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