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Jim's Rant For The Day. Allowing Lifers To Own Us.

In an earlier Rant I said this:

As more planetary inhabitants pass through the Great Awakening the more we will be recreating our lives and the way we view the leadership responsibility we give to others to care for us. In retrospect our history indicates first that role was possibly given to god, then to religion who then gave (sold) it to kings and nobility. When countries rebelled against the above experiments they moved to elected leaders in some form or other.

The United States tried something novel in that it was a Republic meant to be as powerless as ever over the individual states. It was to be a duel system: Strong states with a weak central government.

But after 200 years our system is now failing. Why the failing? Because we got lazy and allowed it to be so. We were moved to a Democracy over our Republic. Then we allowed our leaders to become lifers over us. So at this point we are back to anointed ones to lord over us again. We have learned nothing. I will continue to write about this in future rants.”

Last night while trying to escape this upside down world we are in this statement haunted me. “Then we allowed our leaders to become lifers over us.” I could not get it out of my mind.

How did this happen and how did we permit it? I really can’t say. I guess I myself just woke up one day and saw it. If I had to go back in time I suppose I could say it occurred for the following reasons: 1) We were trained too well in school that we had the best system that will always perfectly run so be grateful and move on to another problem.

2) The Deep State was created to run lifers over us as a shadow government out of our sight. 3) All power people were blackmailed and bribed and we chose to dare not think it.

4) Once an elected official anywhere came to office, the money flowed to insure that individual would become a lifer. So that is where my beliefs are today. At one time humans were trained to accept royalty over them because it was the “will of god”. My question is how much longer will we accept that same dumb reason to be owned by others? When will we rise up and say “No thank you.”? When will we put a stop to all systems that enslaves us?

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