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Jim’s Rant – Family. Spot The Leaders For Group Survival.

We are all aware of what happened on the Titanic. It’s in our culture. But what good is it if we don’t learn anything personally from it? And again, I mean personally. If I were in a similar Group Survival situation what one skill would I wish I had if I could make a wish come true before such a survival event appeared in my life?

Would it be how to put on a life jacket? How to escape a burning building or start a fire in the snow? How to disguise your appearance in front of a jealous husband or wife looking for the culprit? My answer would be a universal answer.

To me the most important skill is to instantly spot the leaders to follow, support or work with. What I am talking about is to be able to look at thirty strangers and instantly know the five to emulate and work with as most of the others may get you killed.

I have discovered in life our biggest problem is we expect all others to think like we do, to have our habits and personalities. We suffer let downs when because everyone else did not live up to our expectations. This causes us to traverse life blind, stupid and hurt. If we educate ourselves life goes a lot smoother.

Early in my business life I matched two distinct personality spotting systems together such that if you see two strangers getting out of a Volkswagen you instantly know how each one thinks, makes decisions, who gets on top and who has to sleep in the wet spot. This is the skill-set you need, no, not the wet spot part.

I taught seminars in Personalities in every new organization I was in to calm people down and make them happier and more productive. It always made a vast improvement in people’s lives from what I could see.

See this one hour seminar Spotting Personalities


Then see this article on getting your survival plan ready instantly.

6. Having a Complete Plan in Just A Few Days.

In my early twenties I was tricked into becoming a Scout Master. I read the hand book and knew that the 15 year old boy leaders were to complete an annual plan for their troop. The first planning day I left them for two hours with the big blank calendar and soft drinks. When I returned it was half filled out and I was told of the "best farting contest ever!" The same thing happened the second year.

The third year I cheated! I filled out the plan 75% complete. However, being the stupid person I am, I made a lot of mistakes, such as swimming in December, Winter camping in June and grilling Brussels Sprouts on Saturday night. This time I returned to see a 100 percent great Annual Plan. What I learned is that for most people it is a whole lot easier to copy and alter than to create from scratch as it is now not so overwhelming.

That is what I suggest here. Select ONE person to cause it to happen, however he deems fit. It then is a plan that the group can mull over and change as the plan is being enacted. But you now have a group vision and starting plan! I am reminded of a plaque I once saw that said, "And God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, instead of a committee."

Who Should Plan It?

Every group has a "John Wayne" type person in it. He/she is the one the others lovingly refer to as an "Asshole". That person has a square face and chin; a square torso from the rear, square butt, short stubby square hands and fingers. They walk like a storm trooper and are serious all the time. One of the characteristics about them is they make decisions in three seconds and 99 percent of the time they are right.

There are four basic personalities. If you assign the task to anyone from the other three it will either take forever or the planning will never occur.

I put on a one hour YouTube seminar teaching this skill of recognizing when to follow others and when to lead them. We require all of our members to watch this before joining. This is because we get our feelings hurt when others do not act like us and this creates group problems. With the training most of this problem will go away, even in a new group of total strangers. If we activate the retreat we won't have time for personality problems and mistakes. You will know how to best utilize all of your members, so take the time to watch it. Then go get your Choleric to complete the Plan.

See: Family Plan

See: Group Plan See: Attachments to Group Plan

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