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Jim's Rant - Family: Reducing Water Needs – Sanitary Shit.

If you stop flushing the toilet it will save a family of four the need for 7,500 gallons of water per month. Then take a sponge bath every two or three days and save a lot more more. Now you are using 30 gallons per month per adult for sanitation.

Next cut out clothes washing every day and by now you have a very small need for non-potable water. You life has now been guaranteed in regards to water problems. Congratulations.

40. Sanitary Shit. Source


Shit happens, and it's going to continue to happen when shit happens. The question is what are we going to do about it? We have all heard the stories of people in high rises unable to get rid of their shit. When that happens expect cholera, hepatitis and diphtheria in your neighborhood. So what's a mother to do?

If you are a city slicker you may get a double whammy: no water and no sewage. Then on top of that the people uphill or up from an underground lift station, will continue to use rainwater to flush with. But without electricity the lift stations will not function, distributing shit to about ten percent of the households, making them uninhabitable. To prevent this, all homes should have a $4 four inch sewer pipe cap. If you discover you are a lucky recipient, just dig up the line, cut it and install the cap with a rock holding it in place.

If you have a water shortage however, you still have a shit problem so now we have two problems in one. So let's solve them as one. First make a composting toilet with $25 in materials or for free using a toilet seat, a closet door and its two hinges, plus a five gallon pail. It will take a family of four a week to fill two buckets. Cover your daily deposit with dirt, sawdust, shredded paper, compost or grass using just enough to hide the color. I swear, there is no odor.

You can also buy an adult potty chair at a thrift store for $10 and place a 5 gallon bucket under it.

A normal family uses 15,000 gallons of water each month with half of that, 7,500 gallons, used to flush. The compost toilet requires only 4 gallons per month. We just solved half of your biggest survival problem – water!

Now let’s use the Human Manure Composting method to dispose of it. We will eventually build a 4 cubic foot compost pile. Stake out a 4 foot by 4 foot location. Empty the bucket, making sure that it is slightly wet if you choose not to urinate in it for some reason. Try to build sides that allow air in (pallets). Dig a hole in the pile and empty the bucket then cover it with a few inches of dirt, grass or paper. Never turn this compost pile. About every six inches of level place a layer of straw or sticks to allow air into the pile. The idea is to let the shit cook and build up steam. It will completely cook down anything in it in two weeks.

Anything bio-degradable can go in that pile, including Pampers, bloody bandages, road kill,

Tampons, etc. It will all cook down. Continue to build the pile up to a height of four feet. When finished, let it age one year to kill the human pathogens. It is now ready as a fertilizer on your garden. Get your neighbors to do this as well and you have just prevented the dreaded unsanitary diseases, no shit.

See Article

Human Manure method:


Yes you can survive it.

Purchase a liquid bug sprayer, adjust the wand and you have a bidet. Cost $15

You may have to shorten the wand or heat it to bend it a little.

Or assign one wash-rag to each person. After several uses, wash it.



Hot Towel Method

1. Heat one half quart of water in a covered pot.

2. Check frequently. As water starts to steam and form small bubbles on bottom of pot, remove from fire.

3. Get a medium-sized hand towel, large kitchen towel, large clean shirt or whatever.

Slowly and carefully immerse towel into pot. Move towel around slightly to allow capillary action of cloth wick up hot water.

If towel is completely saturated, use less water next time as a fully wet towel will be too hot to pick up, let alone wring out, and it will drip all over the place.

4. When towel is very hot but not too hot to handle, pick up towel and vigorously wash body.

5. Wipe your butt with toilet paper. Then using the towel, wash your face, arms torso, back, legs. Then wash your armpits, crotch and butt.

Bucket and Bench Method

1. Wet your rag in the bucket to wet the body.

2. Soap and wash.

3. Rinse with the remaining water in the bucket.

Navy Shower

1) Rinse quickly. 2) Turn off water. 3) Soap up and bathe. 4) Rinse quickly. 5) Get out.


Sun Drying

1. All sleeping bags, sheets and blankets should be taken outside, turned inside out, and shaken.

2. They should be hung on bushes, across something, or placed on a clothes line so that the sun and fresh air can clean them.

3. After several hours, remake bed.

4. This should keep down bed bugs and lice, as well as remove the extra dead skin caused from

infrequent baths.

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