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Jim’s Rant - Family. Militia Oath of “Boom Shacka Lacka Lacka Boom.”

I attended a Prepper meeting in the neighboring town. Several people were concerned about how they can protect themselves from gangs that have migrated there driving up the murder rates. My only contribution was that when things get chaotic they will either be dead or gone.

Here is what must happen, step by step.

1) Recognize were are now in a global war for the survival of humanity. This negates all rules to conform to of civility. This is a fight to defend your family.

2) Legally to become a Militia (from old law) one simply declares himself a Militia. This means no registration,no Federal Employee Number, no county license to be applied for.

3) Once you become a Militia you are authorized to be non-concealed carry and have a long gun over your shoulder.

4) As a Militia you have the right to make a citizens arrest once you have identified yourself doing so as a Militia.

5) Now all that remains is to formally & legally form the Militia. Pay attention because this is the hard part:

a) Locate a few buddies willing. b) Swear the oath by everyone putting their right hand in a circle, touching hands. c) All say “Boom Shacka Lacka Lacka Lacka Boom.”

d) Then on the count of three, break touching hands and holler “Go 9Th Street Militia!”

6) Now you are legal. There was a meeting of the minds.

7) Arrest Process:

a) Have one person get behind them and fire a shot into the air, forcing them to turn to the rear. The shooter had best be behind protection, such as a car engine. b) The rest of the gang hollers “Militia, drop your weapons as you are under citizens arrest.” c) Anyone who fails to drop ‘em can now be shot using sighted-in long guns. d) If mistakes are made, sorry about that – the fog of war you know.

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