• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant – Family. Grocery Shopping During Chaos.

During the social chaos, we all will have to venture outside to grocery shop at some time. You will need protection from those waiting in the parking lot.

By that time people will openly carry a displayed gun, and yes, without a permit. You will know when it is time. So inventory a holster now. Just wearing it will be a warning to leave you alone, even you women. Keep it in the dresser drawer until you are no longer embarrassed to wear it out. In the meantime, carry the gun in your purse.

Even if you don’t have a gun get a toy one and spray paint it black. Now you are armed. Who’s going to ask to see your gun purchase receipt to see if it’s a real gun?

Next purchase a whistle, preferably a storm whistle. $4 Each

Replace the cords with camouflaged cord and spray paint the whistle brown. This way no one will notice the connection between you and your friend. As you shop your friend follows a distance behind you, also with a whistle. You must never look at him. If you are attacked he can blow the super loud whistle while holding a gun in the air, signaling “No No.”

If you have to defend yourself as in the above scene, leave with the buggy pusher in front with the protector still a distance behind. No attacker will molest either of you after the whistle because they will be confused, especially if the buggy pusher also has a gun in hand now.

The whistle is preferred over firing two quick shots in the air as the follower will be hesitant to fire a shot in the air inside a store. Besides, why waste two shots?

The shopper can signal fear by blowing the whistle or lifting the left arm twice. Now lets go shopping. Also note that for the legally squeamish no laws were violated.

Have your car parked so you don’t have to back up.

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