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Jim's Rant - Economics. Future Silver Valuations For Stackers.

This is my projection on Silver for you stackers out there. But first let’s get a few things straight.

I am assuming the White Hats win and the CABAL looses control over the price manipulation.

I also assume the banks will collapse by year end and there will be no one to make payments to on your bank loans. The legal system will be down so there is no one to sue you for a year or so. In the meantime, in regards to your home mortgage, when the banks do try to repossess you have the right to make the back payments and that stops the suit. By the time that happens stackers are rolling in money.

When you whip out your calculator be aware that there will be no interest to add to your investment monthly as it will earn no interest. Also there is no inflation or Cost of Living Adjustments to reduce the balance by because that will not be in our future with the CABAL gone. There will only be price increases due to demand.

Now these are my best guesses as to Cost per Ounce and Timelines. The bottom line begins with the valuation today. Today’s valuation is taken from the delivery price at JM Bullion for a purchase of 100 ounces, by credit card, divided by 100. If you buy local you can get it cheaper but I don’t have time to call the local merchant every day so I use this method. That tells me the street value.

The last line begins with today. It does not matter to me how much you paid for it.

Value Per Ounce

Qtr 2, 2024 3,000 Qtr 1, 2024 3,000

Qtr 4, 2023 3,000 Qtr 3, 2023 2,714 Qtr 2, 2023 2,500 Qtr 1, 2023 2,250

Qtr 4, 2022 2,000 Qtr 3, 2022 1,300 Qtr 2, 2022 600 Qtr 1, 2022 34

All silver experts say that once price controls disappear mathematical the price will jump to $600 per ounce to take the forever history ration back to it’s roots due to the quantity on the planet. So the $600 is kinda guaranteed right off. From there it’s just educated guesses.

Now for the hard part. The above prices are stated in today’s dollars. But as the dollar collapses those prices will also go up due to hyperinflation. So just view the above prices in today’s world only and at today’s dollar and inflation staying the same. I hope all of this is clear. Just look at this happening at various hours in today’s world in today only. This gives you a feel of your spending ability in the future because these prices will go up from inflation as will the cost of goods. So in your mind just stay in today walking into Sears with an ounce of silver and buying . . .

Also be aware that a savvy stacker may try to never sell or trade away an ounce as the price continues to sky rocket. He might borrow funds from a bank with several ounces held by the banker as collateral. Now keep in mind most banks will collapse early (but not Credit Unions). So as the price skyrockets withdraw some ounces from the loan collateral as the banker no longer needs it. This protects you as the prices soar and the probability of the bank becoming bankrupt and you not being able to get your silver back. You reduce your risk to a bare minimum.

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