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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. WWIII, A Liar’s War.

Last night my son sent me the following podcast, NFL Rigged: Damar Hamlin Injury Exposed.

Also last night in another podcast, Clif High said what I have known, that Hamlin is dead and the public is being lied to about him being alive. But after watching the above 6 minute video, I am convinced that the Buffalo Bills faked the entire thing. Hamlin will show himself soon perhaps being in a bowling competition on TV.

I don’t know who produced the above podcast but it is more accurate than anything I have ever seen. The reasoning fits perfectly with what Clif just warned us about, that the Elite have lost the narrative and will do anything to regain it. They set up the UnVaxxed to warn sleepers that Hamlin suffered from the VAX, assuming what was on TV was accurate. But It wasn’t. It was faked.

So now the Sleepers have a new argument to continue to get vaxxed and stay asleep. How sad we are in such a liar’s war now. The Elite want us divided on every detail of what is true and untrue.

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