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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. WOW! What A Week. We have Been Waiting A long Time To Get This.

Yesterday the Trump Theater ended Biden’s run, leaving the Democrats in absolute panic.

Then today Moodys went out on their own. They get paid to rate major companys but today they rated Commercial Tower Rentals in general. This is new to them. They predicted that in 18 months Office Towers will be empty. This week we have seen two major towers owned by big banks going for 2% and 10% on the Dollar, This indicates how separate the Big Banks are today. Moody’s forecast can’t take those prices down much lower.

The Big Banks are in serious survival trouble now.

Now we get to add the three SCOTUS rulings released as they go on vacation. They shot the Deep State three times in the heart!

The J6 ruling decided that no government meetings were in process at the time, so the J6 crowd did not violate the law the committee said they did. This will also take Trump off that felony list as well.

Then SCOTUS Overturns 'Chevron Deference' In Massive Blow To 'Administrative State'.  It takes a lot of teeth out of all Federal Agencies such as ATF and CIA, etc. It stops the bureaucrats in those agencies from interpreting the laws they write. Now interpretation must be done by regular judges.

This is a major step towards devolution of the government.

That was followed by In Blow To Democrats, Supreme Court Allows Crackdown On Homeless. This give the people back their power to decide such issues as how to deal with social issues, not the Democrats.

As if that wasn’t enough, Russia has destroyed every Ukrainian airfield and air base capable of hosting NATO jet fighters.   This spells out clearly that if neighboring countries offer airfields to house the U.S. F16 jets, that country becomes the next Ukraine.


Folks, I feel we are at the end of the shit show and are seeing the appearance of Disclosure.

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