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Jim’s Daily Rant. Worth Repeating This Week.

The Movie The Imitation Game accurately portrays Alan Turing and his invention of the digital computer. He did it to crack the WWII Enigma code machine, up until then, was known to be uncrackable. For one human to crack the code, he might have to take a million million years to test each possible key, one per minute, 24 hours per day.

The enigma keys were changed daily. His new machine cracked each code daily, beginning in 1940. That breakthrough was kept secret from the world for 70 years, finally made available in 2012. The movie was released just two years later in 2014.

Why is this worth repeating? Because after the war enigma machines were given freely to Western Governments so they could duplicate them and use them for encrypted State Department messages. As they talked to other countries or discussed major business contracts, a few spy agencies received those messages.

Thus they continued to operate above their own sovereign governments. They were able to capture the big business deals for themselves, generating revenue for themselves and their handlers, the KM. Thus when Israel fails Nov. 1, 2023, so will the CIA, MI6, Mossad and perhaps others that cornered the government secrets business for those 70 years. With this tool, the KM was able to capture most of the world's governments.

It appears that the intelligence agencies caused more hell on earth than the Germans did with that machine.

P. S. Ever wonder how Apple Computer got its name? Watch the last 2 minutes of these deleted scenes from the movie. Link

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