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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Will The WEF Lose It’s MO JO Monday?

In 2008 Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns banks were sacrificed and bought up by other banks. Those buying banks were financed by all the bigger banks (the U. S. Government) for taking in the garbage and preventing all the other banks from failing. The cost for this rescue service was the total collapse of the global Economic System, which is still collapsed and replaced by a fraudulent illusion.

Now we are at that same crossroad again but if the Economic System is collapsed what is at stake now?

I suspect that stock sale of SVB bank will be halted today. I suspect that over the next three days the CABAL will have just one shot at cannibalizing that bank, along with Credit Suisse, Duetsche bank and a few others, in order to continue the Con Illusion of an Economic System. That is my prediction of what will occur beginning this morning.

However, it doesn’t end there. This morning the first wave of the now learned voters will go to their voting booths, their banks. Will they vote to withdraw their funds and run to silver and gold? Will they even get to vote?

Will a silver/gold stampede today nullify what the WEF does this weekend, if a second day of voting is allowed Monday?

Stay tuned Folks.

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