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Jim’s Daily Rant. Will The Military Step In?

I believe so. Here’s why. It is clear that a global coup has been occurring for many decades.

It is clear that the U. S. Military has been the driving force for the Banksters for this, our military coupled with NATO. They have been the muscle for the Banksters.

The current military, as well as the retired leadership, have known this. They have known that they were the last bastion for the saving of the world’s population to be free.

Many world leaders were captured because they may not have been able to protect themselves. Well, a general can have his army protect him more than I can have an army protect me. The generals had better realize that if half the people on earth die fighting the Banksters many survivors will realize that the military leadership choked when they were at bat; they were a part of the Banksters.

In my mind, this is the “Come to Jesus week” for the military. They either believe or the don't and will be damned for it.

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