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Jim’s Daily Rant. Where Did The 700,000 Come From?

The news is saying the Truck Convoy leaving today will be 700,000 trucks when it arrives in Texas.

Where did the 700,000 number come from, I wondered when I saw it.

Today Judy Byington said this:

JUDY NOTE: WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW AS OF SUN. 28 JAN. 2024: For many years the White Hats of the Global Military Alliance have, on purpose, been feeding us false information in order to successfully complete their Sting Operations on the Deep State Cabal.
Today’s Texas standoff of The People vs. the Feds was likely a cover for completion of that Sting Operation mass arrests of Global Elites using over 700,000 sealed indictments of completed court cases.
The good news was that those Sting Operations appeared nearly completed.
Now Worldwide Martial Law and ten days of communication darkness could ensure long hidden Truth was at last revealed, while a Global Currency Reset slid into place, along with transparent elections of government officials for the now new Sovereign Nations of the World. Source

A year ago I thought the indictment list was 200,000 strong, What is it said to be today?

What are your thoughts?

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