• Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Where Did All The FTX Funds Go?

I learned at an early age to Never Piss Off The Cook. That’s as far as my learning went. If I had been raised in Nerk, Nerk (New York, New York), I would have learned to NEVER PISS OFF THE MAFIA.

The Democrats and Republicans are both brothers in the Mafia. They established and ran FTX. The Mafia has NEVER filed bankruptcy in Federal court! That just doesn’t happen! Why not? Because to do so their creditors and owners must prove their claims to the money left. I can just see Louie The Hit standing in court with a pix of the bloody corpse and demanding payment.

So what happened to the funds? I bet a lot of it is laying on the sidewalk from where the White Hats were loading it in their trucks and couldn’t stop laughing long enough to do it right.

As to the young partner that fled, don’t worry about him. Being the good Democrat stooge, he was VAXED and in his constant running will soon drop dead from Myocardidis. Looks like hard times for ahead for Louie.

So once again, how do you get evidence into court? I think we just saw the Military execute yesterday. They are the only ones with guns bigger than 38s to double-cross the Maia.

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