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Jim’s Daily Rant. What’s Up With A Poll Worker’s Survey.

A week ago I received a survey from our Florida County Clerk of Elections. I finally completed and returned it yesterday.

I have been a volunteer poll worker beginning with the 2016 election. The survey is the same one I always get a month prior to the Primary elections. Our 2024 election period begins a week prior to March 19, 2024, and accordingly, I would have expected that survey to arrive in February, 2024. It asks if we will be available, for which dates, voting locations and positions, etc. It would then be used to create their various worker Rosters.

My question is how the hell can I know if I can work on March 15th, a year before that date? Why would the county waste their money when they know dang well they will have to resend that survey in February, 2024?

Are you up with me now? I think they are preparing for an upcoming emergency election of some type that they are a bit jumpy about. I expect to see that same survey again next month with more current voting dates on it. Your thoughts?

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Miembro desconocido
15 jun 2023

Makes great sense, Jim, your inference!

Me gusta
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