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Jim’s Daily Rant. What’s The Worst That Can Happen To Voting Poll Workers?

This March will be my third election as a volunteer poll worker. At the end of a ten hour shift the most hated part of the task is culling out the write in votes. We must know the number of votes for Donald Duck and Alfred E. Neuman. Every ballot casted has to be hand inspected because the tabulation machines can’t spot or read them.

This Thursday, February 8th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case for states removing Trump from their ballots.

If the SCOTUS votes in favor of Trump then all is well. But what if the worst happens and they allow the practice? It will immediately demonstrate to the citizens the corruption of the SCOTUS and our removal from our Constitution. We will all see that the voting process is more of a sham than a legal process for the benefit of its citizens.

But the absolute worst that can happen is in those states that do remove Trump from the ballots the poll workers will have to work another hour to hand count the majority of all the ballots for Trump and the few ballots for Duck and Neuman.

Oh well, sometimes the dragon wins but you still gotta to do what you gotta do.

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