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Jim’s Daily Rant. What’s The Exit Plan?

I once attended an open seminar sponsored by the local University. It was designed for Business MBA students to pitch their business plans as a practice to seeking funding. I attended to see if I could learning from their pitching for better techniques.

I noticed all the half dozen pitchers stressed heavily on their “Exit Plans”. That was new to me. They all had the same one. In three years after their new business was up and running they would bail out with an IPO (Original Public Offering on Wall Street).

My thought was how strange – I always thought entrepreneurs created a business out of passion and not to eject from it as soon as possible and live happily ever after.

Today I have a different feeling about Exit Plans to some degree. But not so much as getting into business as to getting out of one when forced out. I am referring to those countries (England, Poland and Germany) offering tanks to Ukraine. Certainly their leaders realize their countries will be stuck there forever if they help the U.S. continue to prop up the hegemony Dollar and continue to commit bio-warfare on the rest of the planet.

I don’t believe all those government’s leaders are that stupid. I suspect they have their own personal exit plan to take their ill-gotten money and run! Otherwise, they will have to fight the world to use the Dollar until all inhabitants have been poisoned.

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