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Jim’s Daily Rant. What Is The History Of Israel?

Two days ago my sister called and asked me that question. I gave her my view and she asked me to put it in a Rant. This is for Judy.

When I was twelve I took my earnings and ordered a dozen books from McGraw Hill Publishing. It was the first time I ever wrote a letter. I ordered from a two page ad in the back of a paper-back book recently published. I had funds for one more book so I selected The First Hundred Days. It was about the first three months of Israel receiving immigrants and housing them in the desert; more about the logistics of it. For the life of me I don’t know why I selected that book.

The next reading I did on Israel involved two areas of it: how the country was created and the Holocaust. I did that over a three month period ten years ago. Now keep in mind that I am a speed reader and when I research I go all the way in seeking the truth, looking at things from several angles. I wrote several detailed and footnoted Rants about that research but unfortunately I don’t think I have them anymore. I lost that old website and besides, all blogs do not allow indexing and I probably have written about 6 – 8 thousand of them.

So here is what I am going to do here. First I am going to shoot from the hip and not footnote. Secondly I am going to warn you up front, both parts of this recap may initially upset some of you but I hope you continue on reading the information. I will not rely on the bible at all. For a small Rant I will recap with just a few major supporting facts. If you personally can’t overcome those facts then you can proceed on your own for the lessor supporting facts. If needed, email me and I will give more details.

This was the British document agreeing to the Zionest demands (Jewish Bankers) beginning in 1884 to give part of Palestine to future immigrating Jews.

Towards the end the First world war (circa 1917) the New York Times published a news article stating that Germany had gassed 6 million Jews to death. That story proved to be false. I think it was used to garner support for the Balfour Declaration.

There is evidence that the U. S. stayed out of the WWII until the American bankers negotiated with the White House to come into the European war and agree to the Balfour Agreement.

The Holocaust:

1) As mentioned above, the first rumors of the Holocaust began in 2017.

2) The first real reports appeared early in 1945 as WWII was ending and the interment (work ) camps were liberated. Those reports told of 6 million being gassed to death at six of the thousand internment camps.

3) As proof the world was shown horrible live emaciated naked prisoners and stacks of emaciated dead bodies unburied.

4) The Germans were notorious about record keeping. There were no records of the gassing of prisoners. The factual movie The Imatation Game revealed that Britain decoded all radio traffic the last three years of the war. No traffic regarding the gassing was ever seen.

5) When I began my research I found there were no non-fiction books on how the Holocaust was done, the methodology or proof. There was only one book that turned out to be 20 pages long and appeared to be a High School term paper. It contained no footnotes. The only books on the gassing are all novels – fiction books.

6) Winston Churchill’s 3 volume history of the war made no mention of the gassing, as well as Patton’s memoir, who liberated those camps.

7) The World Almanac showed 10 Million Jews prior to the war. They showed that same 10 Million after the war and increasing normally thereafter.

8) There is evidence that the Jews released from the camps were given pensions in exchange for their agreement to the gassing. One camp commander plead guilty in the Nuremberg trials in exchange for a pension to his family. Therefore the court heard no testimony.

9) I read a few years ago that the main camp, Auschwitz, has its museum there that removed their sign stating that millions had been gassed there.

10) During the war the Allies used DDT powder to kill the lice in Europe because they spread Typhus during wars. That disease prevents the body from absorbing water and rendering it unable to digest food, resulting in emaciation and death.

11) The Germans used Zycon gas to fumigate clothing. That gas was imported. The small brick closets for this still bear the red gas marks impregnated on those bricks. There are no brick marks on any other buildings or bricks at those camps.

12) At the end of the war a siege was placed around Germany and the war zones to keep supplies out. The last few months of the war there was no Zarcon and the work inmates began dying. The Germans were so fearful of the lice they began making inmates disrobe when they had to go near the officers.

13) The doors to the Shower buildings had no exhaust systems to protect the guards removing the bodies. The doors still have the locks on the inside, not exterior.

14) Auschwitz only had 3 crematoriums, taking 12 hours to destroy one body each. That made it impossible to destroy that many millions of bodies. 15) All of the gassing camps still have their natural forests intact so large scale funeral pyres were not possible. Ground sonar have never located mass graves required.

16) Germany had no oil for the war. That is why they invaded North Africa and that failed. They used an inferior fuel of coal and water.

17) Germany had no oil for the war. That is why they invaded North Africa and that failed. They used an inferior fuel of coal and water.

18) So why would they transport 6 million Jews a thousand miles away just to execute them upon arrival? Why not shoot them without transportation. For that matter, why tattoo them with serial numbers then immediately execute them.


Note: I am not suggesting that the inmates did not suffer and get executed. I feel that as they became unable to work they were executed in some way. But mass gassing of millions was impossible based on physical evidence. The purpose of those internment camps was to produce war materials because all of the German men were soldiers.

After I finished researching I took another two full days trying to disprove a single fact presented here. I was unable to.

Why the Holocaust Hoax?

That is the real question, the prof of the pudding.

WWI was a free for all by most of the European countries for a land grab of Austria. But at the war’s end Germany was ordered to repay all participants for their war costs. This left Germany unable to feed their population as all things of value were removed from their country.

Hitler came along and got rid of all the bankers. Most of them were Jews he allowed them to leave for Palestine and paid the transportation and resettlement costs. The Jews were bankers because the Christian religions forbid charging interest. Thus the Jews became wealthy.

Then Germany began printing their own interest free money and their economy was the envy of the world. Hitler even made the cover of Time Magazine for his accomplishment. Then the world Bankers got fearful of other countrys doing the same, expelling their Central Banks. It was then that the bankers went after Hitler with a vengeance. As the war developed Hitler got desperate.

The hoax was needed because WWII was fought to prove that Hitler could not do a land grab and that war killed 20 Million people. So after the war the Jews were to be sent to Palestine land which had to be stolen from Palestine, by the bankers for the Jews. Now mind you, Palestine had nothing to do with WWII or the supposed killing of the Jews.It was done because the Kazarian Mafia wanted to live there hiding behind the Jews.

Therefore, the hoax was to make the world feel

sympathy for the Jews in order to do yet another land grab.

This hoax is what most Western countries have laws preventing the holocaust denial.

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