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Jim’s Daily Rant: What If . . .

The question was posed: When all countries join the BRICS, how will a US Company transact international trade?


If GESERA is real, then:

All currencies will have parity at all times. A Peso = A Dollar = a Pound.

They will all equal X amount of gold, Oil, etc.

If the Quantitative Financial System is real, It will replace the SWIFT System. Therefore a Dollar wired to Mexico will come out a Peso automatically.

Once the U. S. Republic is restored, it too will join BRICS. It is already in the works.

If the good US became evil, and if the country split into two countries:

And If, the good US caused the entire world to free itself from evil control, as well as destroying the bad US,

Then Don't You . . . expect the rest of the world has already quietly accepted the good US into the BRICS, and is just waiting for the good US to show itself?

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