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Jim’s Daily Rant. What I’ve Learned In Preparing For The Backside.

Two years ago I created a free website designed to help all US Counties create a new bustling economic system after the Collapse and Reset. The site is huge with plans and procedures in place that any leader can take and immediately and freely organize, finance, create whatever needs to be done in that community.


In November 2022 I began building a new website for my18 year old Grandson, Camren, to use in a year or two. He is studying HVAC, Heating and Air Repair. He has a friend in the class and the friend has a brother already in the field working on his Master’s license. The three have plans to create their own business.

I have tried to give each grand-child a special gift at eighteen to help them along. One I knew would be a tool user so I gave him all the tools he could ever use and a Home Improvement Encyclopedia. I remember being newly married and dumb in home repairs because my Dad never owned or used tools. If it hadn’t been for a very good neighbor I am sure that my young family would have died in that home from my tool-less ignorance.

I have no doubt that Camren will pursue his goal to be in business someday. He will be a good leader. So I began writing a website to train a working stiff how to become a business leader that can create his own business in time. This is partially something I had to do twice in my career; train kids to take over the family business. So all I have to do is add the Start-Up procedures in creating a new business. As the site began to become, I realized the skills it could convey may be just what many young workers may soon need as a result of both the Collapse and Covid-19. Allow me to explain.

We appear to be facing a die-off or long illness impact on the labor force. We also face what we are told is about a 50% insolvency of small businesses of the Covid-19 economy period. It appears that the U.S. had about 30 Million small businesses in 2020. I don’t know what a “Small Business” is in that 50% insolvency headline is but it can be a very big number.

Now let’s increase that number. When the White Hats win, many current working business leaders, owners, foremen and front office persons may retire due to reparations received. They won’t have to continue working anymore. Keep in mind that older workers are expected to receive more in reparations than younger workers.

So now here is the problem our country will soon be facing. Before Covid-19, a young person might expect to learn leadership over time and from on the job experience. Therefore, they might move into a leadership position around their 30s. But in 2023 we may find that 20 something year olds may be forced into leadership positions out of necessity because of a much smaller employee base. They will have to immediately learn what they normally learn over the next ten years of their life. Therefore, I made the decision to freely open the website up nationwide.

This is What I Learned In This Process

In the ChambersLead project I was writing in the “Now” and guessing at the problems and solutions to be encountered. I am also looking from the “Now” but projecting one year into the future with the Free Business School project. This has turned up some unexpected problems.

1. Method of Learning.

I read about a General in WWII who, at the last minute, was ordered to parachute with his troops on D Day. He took an abbreviated jump course but was not allowed any practice jumps. The reasoning was there was a small possibility he would be injured on any jump. His mind was needed in Normandy. It was better that he be injured on the ground in Normandy rather than in England.

With the business leadership shortage there will be no time to send everyone to Harvard Business School. Most people won’t have the time to read. Therefore, it would be best that they are equipped with the right reading materials as reference and instead attend seminars geared for them, teaching the basics.

I located seminars geared for business owners, some for CPA exam candidates as a review, and some geared just for business persons not in that business. They are all free as YouTubes. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the training done.

2. Internet May Be Down.

Last week I realized that if the Internet is migrated to a new Internet Satellite based system, some websites or You tubes may not make it.

So I downloaded all my websites for safe keeping on my computer. I also downloaded all the Business School YouTubes and all linked files to my computer as well.

I then decided to be able to provide the user the ability of obtaining all files and website on a flash drive so learning could be done without the need of an Internet at all. If you have a business website you might consider some of this too.

3. Tax Planning May Be Drastically Altered.

A class offering was Tax Planning, but that will not be built until I know IRS will survive 2023.

4. Banking Relationships May Be Drastically Altered.

Finance and Banking Relationships cannot be completed either if the Banking system collapses.

5. New Class For Family Banking was added.

In my opinion, sliver stackers will probably help their extended family post Reset. They will take the place of Wall Street and Capital / Commercial bankers. But they will have to see the concept and be trained to do this. Thus, the new class. I will talk further of this tomorrow.

See: Free Business Leader School

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