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Jim’s Daily Rant. What Clif Said Last Night About The Baltimore Bridge.

1) This was a planned attack. It is our Pearl Harbor wake us up that we are in a war.

2) It will take a few days for the awakened to get it. It will take a few weeks before the MSN Media admits it was an attack.

3) That bridge is a main North South artery for moving goods out of the harbor.It will be about 4 years before it is replaced. It will take a year to get the big cranes on ships to appear and begin clearing the port.

4) There is now panic in the supply line to reroute all ships at sea now to other ports and have the trucks waiting there to offload.

5) This will greatly increase delivery time and costs on imported goods.

6) The Baltimore Bridge destruction now splits the US by the Mason Dixon line again in regards to supply lines.

7) Regarding the Eclipse, its real impact won’t be felt until the day after on the 9th.

That will be the falling away of the old culture and the realization we are in the new culture. Everything will have changed.

8) Future dates to watch for:

    The week before the eclipse will be an extremely emotional time as we prepare to go into the eclipse.

    By April 20th we will be in the total Hyper-Novelty period, total chaos.

    By June, the Sheeple will no longer trust authority.

9. The Sheeple will be dangerous to be around because of uncertainty as to how they will react.

     Some will not make it; survive.

10. Jsnip4 points out that between now and April 20th we all need to begin to conceal carry.

11. Clif predicts that people (illegal aliens) will be paid to spray napalm in the forests to create fires to prove to the world that the planet is heating up. He predicts that some of them will be shot by locals.

12. Our motto should be “Stay Alive in 25”.

13. Older people should start physical training now.

As time goes on, more information will come out regarding health supplements that cannot be withheld from the masses anymore.

   It may be perhaps 30 years before the medbeds are fully operational.

14) 61 – 75 MM Ports will be tied up for the rest of 2024.

               He discusses Crypto prices, possible financial collapse, Precious metals.[You need to hear this for yourself.]

15) 72 MM Common Law Courts will begin in June. Lawyers will not be allowed. Vigilantes will begin to operate.


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