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Jim’s Daily Rant. We Have To Learn To Dream and Create Small Again, Part II.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The second part of today’s Rant, after watching the movie Blackberry, has to do with observations from Blackberry and a few articles I recently read/viewed.

Let’s start with Blackberry. The new CEO was a Harvard Business school graduate. The job he last held is what I consider to be a “broker”, which I define as a "bullshitter" to several parties trying to lure them to one table hoping to make a deal of which he will be a part. To be effective he must be a liar and a manipulator. He has to have vision and the guts to believe in that vision. He also has to be able to survive punches. By personality, that broker must be a Choleric, the John Wayne type. For them it’s all or nothing.

A book I recently read described graduates of big name business schools being trained to invest in "unicorns" only, those business ideas that will make $X Billion dollars in just a few months. All other investments are thrown back in the water to float away to the bottom. The goal in this type of business is to own half the world in a few years and then retire to searching for just the right drug for themselves to feed their ego happily thereafter.

That is what was presented in Blackberry, with one exception, the goofiest business partner who just didn’t understand any of that ego stuff. He didn’t have anything to prove to the world; he was always happy. I believe he sold his stock the entire time he was there and ended up very wealthy when they crashed. He just walked away counting his money.

Now let’s discuss Catherine Austin Fitts’ recent interview, You Need A New Strategy. At the end, she says we are at war and you need a war strategy to protect your assets. She continues with two classes of assets, the first is all persons you wish to protect, and the second is all the other assets you will expend to protect them. This certainly prioritizes things differently from Harvard Business School.

Therefore, besides cash and precious metals as assets, she includes a small family business giving life to some close to you as well as to your community.


My position is she is absolutely right. We have strayed away from the small, lured by our ego, and now are destroying capitalism, our country and our personal lives for ego and greed rather than the responsibility that comes from love.

When we begin to rebuild our lives post collapse, I do hope we go back the dreaming of small, of family, of community and of course, love. That is the only way we are going to reverse the living hell we are now in.

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