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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. We Can Now See The Back End.

For all that don’t suspect it is collapsing we can now clearly see the back end of the collapse. It is October, 2023.

He points out that when China was able to shore up the housing market they began refinancing those big housing projects by requiring no money down and also giving cash back to the owners by inflating the real estate appraisals. Now defaults are being made on those loans.

That is happening now in the U. S. as well. Nevertheless, he is saying that it will all hit about October, 2023

See Also: It Has Oficially Begun. The economic Ninja points out that the business bankruptcies are now here because the are unable to secure business loans that they got addicted with when rates were near zero.

People are scared to death right now. They know they are being lied to. Most of them no longer are ignoring the warning signs. Therefore, I believe the big collapse will happen before October. Nobody wants to be the last to escape the burning room!

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