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Jim’s Daily Rant. Was This Intentional or an accident?

I just posted James Kunstler’s excellent article What Just Happened?

I first read it on a page in Link

But I have been trained to always link Kunstler’s articles directly to Kunstler’s website. I noticed that always the last paragraph of his articles are always cut off. So I look for that. His writing style is that he always save the best for last. So too today.

This is the bang paragraph that was cut off today:

And now, an even bigger question looms: with Wokery unraveling on campus, will it now also unravel the Party of Chaos — and its ability to act as Globalism’s fifth column undermining our country? Personally, I think it is indeed the beginning of the end of all that, especially the disgraced intellectual class of America’s ability to play along for mere social status brownie points. Perhaps we’ll all begin to discern that the next trip to be laid on the people of this land will be the final one, the Big Enchilada, the event that will truly knock the wind out of Western Civ and leave it gasping and wheezing on the floor: blowing up the banking system. When that happens, we’ll all finally know just where things stand, and then maybe we’ll all start to sing together.

Note: The red emphasis is mine.

I have often wondered why he is always cut off. His article today is quite short compared to most of his writings.

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