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Jim’s Daily Rant. U.S. Doctors Are Trapped In A Catch 22.

Yesterday I watched The Big Secret - Full Medical Documentary [on Healthcare and Nutrition]. The presenting doctors tell of John Rockefeller taking control over the medical practice in the U. S. in 1900 and created the American Medical Association to take control of the industry. They tell of now medicine only prescribes surgery and medications to deal with disease affects but never heals the diseases, all for the sake of profit.

They spoke of the fact that some doctors know they are not ending the diseases but are only milking the patients, but they cannot change that system. If they end the disease instead of following the prescribed AMA protocol, they will lose their license to practice. This is because their liability insurance company will not protect them if they break rank, and without insurance they must close their practice.

There is a reason I discuss this now. Eighteen months ago my 50 year old nephew got terribly sick from Covid. When I heard about it my sister said he had two great doctors that stuck their necks out and gave him Ivermectin. He recovered. Several weeks ago I saw my sister and mentioned that she was most lucky to still have her son alive. He weighs over 300 pounds and I said he was supposed to die in the hospital and his doctor really did him a favor by risking his career in saving him from the hospital protocols.

She shocked me saying he wasn’t put into the hospital. Instead “His two doctors kept him home and they visited him daily and supplied his medications.” Then it struck me what was going on. Jeff is a professional schmoozer, a courtesan to the royal court. He brokers deals and investments for the wealthy and doctors. My sister said Jeff was in the middle of finalizing a big deal for the two doctors when he got Covid. So to me, the doctors could not risk his demise so they gambled on secretly treating him with the correct medications!

Do we live in a crazy world or what?

P. S. This reminds me of my teenage years when I told my father "I was suicidal." His comment was "Prove it."

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