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Jim’s Daily Rant. Tying Vigilantes to Rabid Dogs and to Jeff’s Service To Maricopa Board of Electors post.

Are vigilantes hangings ever legal? I am going to guess “Yes”. Assume a time in our West in which a community springs up without any access to law. Then suppose a known killer arrives and begins killing. There is no law, no sheriff, no jail to hold a detainee. There is an emergency. So I dare say a local collection of citizens (vigilantes) can arrest and hang the culprit

I assume this would be the end of the event unless the culprit asks for an appeal at a later date after the hanging.

But you might object, “But Jim, we have legal systems everywhere now.” My answer is “Maybe not.”

We clearly are being shown that at bet we have a two tiered legal system, If you are a politician or powerful player then you are above the law. If you have outside funding and are a government worker at the same time, as in funded by Sorus or the Democratic machine or other dirty money, then law is not available to the common citizen.

If my kids are blatantly threatened by a government forcing a jab on my military son, or sex change on my daughter without my consent, isn’t that an emergency not protected now by law?

If a rabid dog is after my family I have the right and duty to act in the vacuum of law created by the very perpetrators. The same is happening in Maricopa county but without a six gun. By god, they are now fair game. If the courts do not recognize the notice to Maricopa those government employees need to be served next by six guns before more kids get harmed.

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