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Jim’s Daily Rant. Two Major Bombs Just Went Off In The Past Two Days.

Monday, in the article Ben Fulford Blurb: The White Dragon Society plan for the planet, Fulford calculated that the Elites have used the Federal Reserve to steal about $2 Million from most living U S adults alive today since 1970. Hopefully most of this will come back to us as restitution.

Today I listened to the 80 Minute Podcast Tucker Carlson Ep. 16 RFK Jr. explains Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle. I hope all of you listen to it. But in case you don't have the time I have recapped it below.

1 Minute Mark RFK Jr. not having Secret Service protection as a Presidential candidate.

15 MM The Russians really won WWII. When the US entered the war 80% of the German army had been taken out by Russia at a great expense to Russia. 20 MM The current Ukraine War history.

35 MM The Iraq war was a false creation thrust on the country.

37 MM The U S Development od Bio-weapons and their vaccines. U S Government officials gave themselves immunity to the Geneva Agreement so they did not face the death penalty for their actions.

45 MM The John F Kennedy assassination.

54 MM How he would take control of the spy agencies if he is elected.

61 MM Our border history and problems.

Both the top article and the podcast are must see for everyone. They are explosive and indicate that the Patriots now have control of the Elites as they fail. The Elites cannot survive all the information coming out about them; they should fear us all!

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