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Jim’s Daily Rant – Turn The Globe And Watch Out Folks!

For us old codgers this new way of warfare can be confusing. All this time I was focused on Ukraine and missed the global war completely!

I watched Ukraine knowing NATO, The CABAL, Biden and Western Europe were using the Ukraine army as a proxy. I have been seeing the MS stating Putin is getting his butt kicked. I was seeing the alternative media say that Ukraine was getting its butt kicked. I have been seeing Europe with popular uprisings telling their leaders to get out of Ukraine. And yet I still missed the real war.

Russia has Western Europe in checkmate! They have lost, have no more moves left and that’s a fact. If we believe that Putin is part of the White Hat’s Alliance I have to say the CABAL has lost its foot soldiers, that being NATO and the armies of Western Europe.

I have to quote our good friend Jeff today, “….replenish.. popcorn, oil, and salt for extended viewing.”

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