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Jim’s Daily Rant. Turn A Negative Into A Positive.

In High School I did badly in Algebra. I only made it three weeks in that class before I got behind and never recovered. The third week I was told a Negative times a Negative equals a Positive. I could never rationalize that rule and never heard another word from the instructor. Although I passed with a beautiful “D-", it was one of my best life lessons.

Allow me to demonstrate with a hypothetical problem. Let’s assume our goal is to always turn a negative into a positive. We are in charge of the upcoming fraternity party, go to the cupboard and discover 50 negative bottles of beer. Now that’s a negative. Now we search for other negatives.

* All the brothers currently have no jobs.

* All of us have spare time and can do a work party.

* We know some odd schmucks that have jobs and love to party. * One brother has a brother who works at a beer distributor and is always on his back about the evils of alcohol and getting his degree.

I am positive the result will be the greatest Frat night in history!

From that third week I spent the rest of my life always looking for actual negatives I could turn positive or searching for potential negatives I could either use or avoid entirely before they could become negative.

For those of you that have been to a seashore, recall seeing a big wave coming at you. In a flash moment you have the power to choose positive or negative. If you let it hit you it may knock you over, tumble you around and getting sand in your bathing suit. If you dive into it the wave will gently roll over you. You had the power to choose.

Folks, I have already shown you that the mass of humanity has already began the evolution process and it cannot be stopped. It has already occurred. So now we have a choice, we can fight the change-over with all of it’s interim chaos or we can turn it all into a positive.

Our negative is we don’t clearly see what our lives will be like on the backside of the chaos. Suppose instead of fearing it we learn to embrace what is coming? Suppose we study it, learn what new skills we will need now instead of on the back side? Suppose we just dive into it now and let it just simply pass over us without a trace of fear?

Without fear would definitely be a positive, wouldn’t it? Your thoughts?

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