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Jim’s Daily Rant. Trump As The Speaker Of The House.

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

There are some things in life that normal people should never have to see. A half hour ago my sister called just to talk. After a wonderful conversation she asked me about my diet. I proudly told her I no longer have to wear suspenders with my Speedo (See Pix). She ended the call shortly after that.

Now let’s talk about Trump as Speaker of the House. I saw two headlines today. One is that he endorses Jim Jordan for the position and the second is Trump is heading to DC to talk to Republicans on how to fill that position.

I do not see him in that position nor do I believe he would want of fill it. Busy people do not ever waste their time. Trump all of his life has been a busy person. Why would a somewhat Mr. Clean want to talk to garbage politicians and barter with them all day long? And no, don’t suggest he would delegate the job as most do to some extent. It would still occupy his mind.

And what is there to gain by being a leader of a sinking ship as it sinks and must go under water?

No, I don’t think for a minute he wants that job. I think he is heading to DC to talk to Republicans for two minutes and two reasons – to piss off the Democrats and to piss off the Republicans while he is there. I feel he wants to cause non-unity in the house so there is a contrived view that they are in hopeless deadlock, to the degree that will entice the Military to step in, to put the train back on the track.

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06 oct 2023

Dang it! I tried to click on the pix link . . .

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