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Jim’s Daily Rant. True Spirit.

This Rant will seem rambling because it will be. When I awoke this morning I was hit with a flurry of thoughts. I am going to try to conjoin them because that’s how I got them and I guess that’s how you will get them too.

I went to bed last night confused as to what to do about the late posts by JFK, Jr. I was fearful of giving readers false hope by posting them. Are they real? Then there was the last 3 or 4 postings; they didn’t give the individual’s names that supposedly were executed. I recognized some but some I didn’t, as I am bad with remembering faces. So I retired without posting them.

Five minutes later I got up and posted them. Today I am glad I did. Today I feel they are the truth. So enjoy seeing them. However, I do wish someone will identify them for me.

Maintaining this web site reminds me of my childhood maintaining the many metal garbage cans my large family had. There were days when I had to get on my hands and knees and crawl in them to scrub out the sticky stuff with all those maggots on it. It was a smelly, nasty job that needed to be done to kill the future pests.

Friday and Saturday I made an escape from the website work. Both days I sat and watched movies all day with Betty. It was a wonderful respite. When I escape I prefer to watch real life dramas because they recharge me, inspire me. It is moving to be around “creators”. It’s much better than being with rat killers, I assure you.

Friday I watched a Netflix movie, True Spirit, about a 16 year old girl that was the youngest person to sail around the globe solo. Now that’s what it’s like to be a creator! I watched it twice, the second time to see her take all the necessary steps to create with her mind. It was more amazing the second time. She will always be a creator, she cannot not be. That is where most people are going during the renaissance, to become creators. . . Sail on Jessica Watson!

Now for the horrible thoughts. I saw very clearly that we thought our fear was we are headed into a one world government that is not good for us. That belief has been erroneous, we have actually been living in a one world government for a long time now. And it has not been for our betterment.

My impulse question was “How can a king allow that to happen to his subjects?” The immediate answer I got was he didn’t intend it. He just lived the daily life of a king and others created the hell on the subjects unknown to the king. It just happened.

Then I was shocked to realize that I was the king all along, we were the king all along! We co-created this; we allowed this to just happen. We didn’t focus our thoughts like Jessica Watson did, who focused on what she wanted rather than on what she didn’t want.

Jessica will sail on. The rest of us will stumble and have a hard time of it until we learn to forgive our self first. We have to let go of the anger towards both others and then ourselves before we can focus on what we choose to create going forward.

Things are really speeding up now. The banks are failing; the final step needed. I wish only for smooth sailing for all.

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