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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. True Investigative Reporters, Heroes of Humanity.

This is dedicated to all the unnamed Alternative Media Journalists/Pod-castors who have filled the breach of lost investigative reporters. These are true heroes of humanity, extraordinaire!

Of course I am speaking of James O’Keefe who risks his life by running in front of the bulls weekly. The resurrected Republic will be greatly indebted to him and his teams for laying it all on the line for us.

Then there is Seymour Hersch. I just read the article about his amazing first story which exposed the Mai Lai Massacre 50 years ago. For you whipper snappers, that was the U.S. soldiers ordered to execute 500 unarmed Vietnamese villagers to raise the Death Count of the enemy (cooking the books for politicians).

Now this week he released the story of the U.S. Navy being ordered to commit an act of war by blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Europe.

I thank both reporters for being them for mankind.

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