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Jim’s Daily Rant. Three In The Attic.

The above title, 3 In The Attic, was a 1968 movie (see trailer) that I never saw. But even so, that horror movie scared the beJesus out of me and kept me on the straight and narrow for life.

The plot is about a college stud that was monogamous with three beautiful girls. They met and connected the dots and were offended and determined. The kidnapped and shackled him in an attic. Although they kept forgetting to feed their new pet, they continued to have sex with him on their scheduled shifts. He screwed himself to death.

I was reminded of this in regards to the three Too Big To Fail bankers. In my mind’s eye I saw them on Thanksgiving celebrating their Autumn harvest. What I didn’t hear was them saying the following prayer: “Bless us oh Lord for the screwing we are about to receive . . . “

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