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Jim’s Daily Rant. Three Future Rants. Help Wanted.

I have been holding three potential Rants until we got near the end of the old world and closer to the chaos and crawling out period. All three involve existing websites. One site is about 15 to 20 years old. One is about five and the last is about two years old. They each have different trigger dates but the 5 year one is very near its kick off time.

The rest of this Rant is about the 5 year aged one. It’s trigger is when the Central Banks show that they are in collapse. That website is ChambersLead.Us and is designed to freely provide each county in the U. S. a blueprint to bolster their new local Economy.

It was designed to be free but now must generate between $100,000 to $200,00 the first year of existence. That is my problem and someone’s good luck. A mail-out letter is prepared to go out to all local Chambers of Commerce. But to get them to look at the website I will charge $100 for annual membership. This is the hook because for them to determine if it is worth $100 of the company fund, they have to briefly look at it. Otherwise the letter will hit the can.

The Chambers are targeted because they are indirectly funded by the Banksters’ system and if we hit them as the banks are going down they realize they will soon be unemployed. Those directors are hustlers and they hob knob with other local movers and shakers. They will smell a job and money for someone in their location; thus the unneeded profit to hook them. All of the programs in the blueprint can be funded by grants flowing through NESARA.

I will be working on the second website’s project and don’t want to get tied up talking on the phone. This is where I hope someone will step up and lead this group. I will continue to organize its user group and write grants for all programs under it’s blueprint and maintain the website. I just don’t want to field calls talking about what is already detailed in the website. If you know of anyone interested have them contact me at

Note that it may be a couple of months before money starts coming in, depending on the mail-out date.

Folks, this website needs to be reviewed by each of you. If you are aware of all of its options for your community, you can lead one of the options or point the blueprints out to a local leader to take charge of its creation in your area.

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