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Jim’s Daily Rant. Thoughts On This Week’s Financial News.

All eyes are probably on Epstein and the Miami monster invasion this week. But today I am only focused of the financial collapse. The way the money goes is to me the indicator of how the total collapse and reset goes. Sp let me share some random thoughts after this week.

Let’s start with the latest post, Bix Weir today. In the first few minutes he says:

The US car factories closed because the unions all went on strike, so we were told.The Port of Long Beach, California has been closed to shipping because of union strikes. No, these are not true strikes; they are just cove stories. Other countries are no longer accepting our Dollar anymore for trade.

He says we are about 2 ½ years into a 3 year process of a Dollar Collapse. By June or earlier, we will have a massive debt, bond, Treasury, financial crises, all rolled into one.

We are in the middle of a Treasury Market Default [the past 2 years] and we are faking the Treasury Bond Auction results.

He ends by saying that the Military can force the country to continue printing and paying the military, irregardless as to how it damages the country. However, he does not mention the presence of the White hats in the above statement.

Next let’s consider the suggestion by Clif High that by March everyone will be awake and no one will have confidence in anyone in authority. This suggests the closing of the government perhaps by June. This will be the result of newness everywhere and we can’t get accurate information on the newness, beginning around mid February. The new social order will then begin as we try to fix things.

President Putin gave an interview in in which he suggested that the Kazarian Mafia has failed but the US leaders will not give up now. They are continuing to make decisions that will harm people as the KM collapses. When the US changes their tone they can negotiate for a new future with the rest of the world.

Benjamin Fulford suggests that the KM is in the process of negotiating with the White Hat Alliance for a settlement.


So all this seems to point to a very chaotic 2nd quarter in 2024 or a negotiated settlement that could occur at any moment. U-Pick. In the meantime keep an eye on your Prepping supplies.

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