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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. This Wednesday Is Sunday.

If the boyfriend of the cashier needs $300 to buy and resell drugs she can lend it to him from her register. But for love’s sake, he had better have it back before the end of her shift. That is settlement time as she must count and turn in her drawer.

Friday we saw where some banks appear to have “borrowed” customer’s deposits for the weekend. They would only do that if they were in extreme trouble in making payments elsewhere. I am curious on what we will see today after the banks reopen from the weekend. What will we hear from those pissed customers?

Game playing must end on Wednesday evening for banks, as that is their “Come to Jesus day.” All banks must have an accurate accounting turned in to the Federal Reserve.

Be sure to read Ben Fulford’s take on the banks today. Link He is probably right in that the Central Banks may be about to collapse.

This may be an exciting weekend coming up folks as the smoke of this weekend clears..

P.S. By the way, those were "Too big bank to fail" banks that slipped money to their lovers Friday.

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