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Jim’s Daily Rant. This is the Big Power Play.

Yesterday in SGAnon’s Podcast #39, beginning at the 30 Minute Mark, SGAnon said “Q called the shot in August 2018.”

He quotes Q that: ”Pfizer will bring down the house.” “Pfizer is the unelected Supreme Court of the U. S.”

“[Pfizer] is weaponized in ways we don’t know about.” “[Pfizer] warped our courts to enforce policy.”

This past two weeks Project Veritas, under James O’keefe, has wreaked great damage to Pfizer by recording a top Vice President of Pfizer bragging that they planned Covid for years in advance, created and control it, and will continue to use it for profit over humanity. Thanks to O’keef, the Pfizer curtain has been totally pulled back for the world to see. Lawsuits are now sprouting against Pfizer around the world.

So here we are today, one day after James O’keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, has been placed on two weeks paid leave while he awaits the board of Veritas to decide today if he will be fired for being too ???? in his leadership.

If this were a chess game, I would have to say the Deep State’s king has been flushed out into the open to fight for his life, with that king being Pfizer itself.

In yesterday’s article Fierce Backlash As Project Veritas Sidelines James O’Keefe After Pfizer Bombshells, these quotes were gleamed from the article and its comment section:

This comes in the immediate aftermath of Project VeritasGREATEST moment ever, exposing corruption at Pfizer, which my source thought was EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS timing. You boot the founder right after your biggest win of all time???

I am paraphrasing here: I DGAF about PV if O’keefe leaves. I will follow him.

If @JamesOKeefeIII leaves, I will no longer support @Project_Veritas and will support whichever venture he starts instead. My source says that the rank and file employees are STILL WITH JAMES, the board needs to realize PV will likely not survive if the go through with this!

These were my thoughts as well. So how does Project Veritas make a living? My guess is it is financed by the White Hats Alliance somehow. If O’Keefe is fired I feel certain that a new recording studio is already awaiting him with a sign ready to be installed outside reading “O’Keefe Investigations”.

Sit back and watch the big show Folks!

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