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Jim’s Daily Rant. There’s Power Behind It. Peep Hole Peeping.

Make no bones about it, this Rant is about the Q Clock.

For the past year I have been trying to teach my 7 year old Grand-Daughter about mass and in particular freight trains. I took her to a train museum where she walked and touched them. But I failed to teach her the mass and power of the world. My wife did.

They went shopping in a small old lumber mill town near us and got stopped at a traffic light on the way home. They were to cross the railroad tracks going through downtown near the lumber mill. They were 60 feet away from the tracks with a clear view as it passed alongside them. Octavia saw it, she felt the ground tremble, she heard the long train clanking and banging from its weight. She actually saw the elephant and the power behind it.

Sometimes the power behind things is what matters.

The Q Clock is making every Patriot in the country wonder “What happened. Have we been scammed again?”

I hate dealing with riddles but let’s explore this one together, shall we. There is no order in the thoughts below.

** The Q Clock ended at 10:06 ET Friday night. It was reset to end around 4:30 AM Saturday Morning. At that time the clock was reset another 12 to 15 hours to end at 10 PM Tuesday night, the day after Christmas. This will be the first working day after a three day bank holiday.

** The Messages on the various clocks had the following progressive phrases:

Original 10 Day Clock:

[Y2K1??] Prepare for Phase 1, Blackout.

6 Hour Clock:


Current 10 Day Clock:

Y2K3: the world as you know it ... is over with. 10 DAYS TOTAL CHAOS ... MERRY CHRISTMAS.

**  SGAnon Posted his own podcast Friday and did not mention the Q Clock.On Saturday SGAnon was interviewed by David Rodriquez. Neither one mentioned the Q Clock. This tells me they know the power behind it and are not free to discuss it. It is still an operation in process. In fact, seeing that no one has neither denied or acknowledged the Q Clock gives credence the power behind it.

** At the 20 Minute Mark in the Rodriquez podcast they discuss the rush by the Dems to remove Biden.

** I have always believed that the financial collapse must occur on the Democrat’s watch. Things may get dicey if Biden is removed first.

** If the Q Clock was a hoax the Military Intelligence (White Hats) would have most likely taken it down and outspoken Patriots would have warned the people.

** The Terms :Blackout” and “Chaos” are undefined vague terms. What type of blackout are we warned about: Power, News, Internet, etc.? Starting when?

The Term Chaos is ambiguous. Chaos for whom, The citizens, the Elites or all? Of what countries?

** We have always known that the entire system must fall to recreate ourselves. Something has to begin soon.

** Is the Q Clock a form of Mama counting to three to scare the Elite into taking sudden action? Was the six hour addition Mama counting? The third clock as well?

** If we assume that KITCO took down their website because a Billionaire bought them out for survival, were they not smoked out by the Q Clock? Could there be many others showing their hands as they jump overboard? Note: KITCO now says they were attacked.

The problem of being allowed to look through the peephole to a war is you may see what is actually happening at the moment. Just looking does not end the war. All activity in a war is to win the war. All activity is not to please the spectators. But the spectators do become a part of that war.

All I can personally add is that I can feel the power behind the Q Clock.

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