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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Upcoming Vatican’s Pronouncement on ETs and Time Projections.

Updated: May 18

A) For the past year or two, Clif has predicted what he simple referred to as “The Bug” has been controlling the Kazarian Mafia (& Deep State) for several thousand years.

B) That is who we are at war with the past three years, to free all of humanity.

C) He continues with The Bug can be considered an ET with a lifespan of 2 to 3 thousand years. They are lower level beings than ourselves but need to slave us for them to survive.

D) They control most governments and many religions.

E) Clif suggests the Old testament refers to Elohim but there is confusion on what that word really refers to – the one god or many gods (ETs?)

See this 3 Minute Video by BibleProject: Link

F) Clif suggests that the bible may be misinterpreted by our understanding that the Jews are “god’s Chosen People”.

G) Clif suggests that the Kazarian Mafia, the minions of the Elohim, have long been inserted into the Jewish population pretending to be Jews. From there they plunder the world.

In other words, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing while hiding in god’s Chosen People, that we mustn't speak badly about.

H) It is documented that the Jews have been thrown out of around 1,000 cities in history.

There are any stories of child sacrificing and pedophilia.

I) It is suggested that the higher up Jewish clergy practice child sacrifice (in some manner) to atone for their sins.

J) Cilf predicted a year ago an ancient synagogue would expose the child sacrifice activity in its basement. This occurred here in New York: The three-decade saga that led to the Crown Heights tunnels.

K) Clif predicted that by the end of May 2024 the world will know that the Kazarian Mafia is hidden in Israel and controlling the push for a one world government.

L) Several days ago Clif posted this podcast Simple Authority. Yep, space aliens (start at 17 Minute Mark.). In it he predicted that by the end of this May, the world will know that the Elohim were the ones using Covid to wipe out humanity.


As information of ETs continue to come out, there will be questions about the Old Testament and its interpretation. For those experienced with Eric Von Daniken's 1970s book Chariot's Of The Gods, in which he shows evidence all over the world that ETs have long been visiting our planet. He questions if some of our religious beliefs mistook the Ets as gods or angels.

Perhaps this is why the Vatican is making its pronouncement, trying to get ahead of the problem before the spotlight clearly shines on it.

On a Personal Note, the dreams I have had on this situation was one in which I saw a pastor (preacher hair) facing North, then slowly turning to the right until he was once again facing due North again.

My translation was he had to question the impact of ETs on his religion so he could discuss concerns with his members. After he again faced North he saw the faith was still right, but needed a few details and stories removed.

My Final Posts on this will be the Vatican Pronouncement as soon as I see it published. I will try not to go back to this religious subject again.

See Also: Charriots of the Gods   (1970) 42 Minute Youtube

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