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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Upcoming SCOTUS Brunson Hearing on Thursday.

In a prior Rant I shared my feelings that the hearing on the 22nd was established a while back with the Military so all could be prepared. We were told the court would immediately go on a two month summer vacation and that if a full hearing was needed it could not occur until October. That was our set-up.

I suggested that because the hearing is a “Per Se” hearing, in that a review of the Congress records of the events in question, acceptance of vote counts without a hearing of complaints, was all that was required of the SCOTUS, if they chose to make a full court ruling.

Now as a reminder, the hearing on Thursday is only to determine if the Court wishes to proceed or drop the complaint.

Now, returning to the “Per Se” hearing of the full court later, All they need to do is determine if Congress voted to step on a crack. That is all. In a “Per Se” case, the offending act is apparent to all and there is no defense of it, therefore no need for defendants notification or presence. So in theory, the SCOTUS, as a full body, can resolve the issue in five minutes before going on vacation.


Now for the twist. Brunson is not asking the Court to rule on a stolen election. He is pointing out that Congress formally stepped on a legal crack by violating the Constitution and their oaths by accepting the 2020 presidential votes while they were under protest by many Congressmen. Accordingly, he prayed for relief by immediately terminating the 380 Congressmen that voted to accept the votes without the required protest hearing first. That is all he is asking for – to fire the treasonous Congressmen.

But I disagree with the Brunson case needing to have been filed, its purpose and especially its prayed relief. In fact, I don’t even care how the four Judges rule at Thursday’s ruling!

Here’s why.

IF We Assume:

The Military is a few days away from showing itself as the current emergency power of the Republic;

Trump is recognized as the Military Commander-In-Chief, and he is backed by the White Hats working their plan to return to the Republic, and allowing the Corporate Government to die;

Then The Plan Is: not to fire corporate Congressmen, it is to hire new Congressmen to staff the Republic.

That can be allowed by the Military immediately after they show themselves, by either allowing Governors to appoint interim Congressmen or holding state elections.

Of course, a positive ruling from the SCOTUS would certainly calm the citizens of the Military temporarily taking charge. So hopefully we get their public support.

In my mind, the Brunsun Brothers won their cases simply by presenting them for the public to see and hang hope on. They already won and we have already won with or without a positive ruling from SCOTUS.

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