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Jim’s Daily Rant. The True Spirit Of Where We Are Going On The Backside of The Collapse.

First let me be honest with you about my TV habits. I mainly watch true inspired drama movies. The rest of the time my mind goes into meditation mode for anything else on. This is a longtime habit I acquired some forty years ago when I felt the need to make friends with movers and shakers, the focused creators on earth.

I make “friends with” anyone who inspires me. I follow their lives and continue to learn from them. At first I felt it was odd but today I am glad of it. This is especially true of the current cartoon movies, propaganda and just downright crap teaching us of decayed means of life. I am glad I escaped most of that. I am friends with hundreds of inspiring people and can close my eyes and enjoy their company whenever I feel the need to return to my roots. This has always been my comfort zone, to be around people with a purpose in life.

Five months ago I wrote a new website devoted to freely training others to step into the growing void of leadership positions being lost due to Covid VAX. I still foresee 20 year olds being forced into business leadership roles unprepared to lead. I fear for them and the stress and guilt they will be forced to endure because of the emergency response to fill the voids.

FreeBusinessSchool.US is a means to teach all persons a quick Masters in Business Administration as a glut of new businesses must be created to venture out to sea in the new Economic Systems we will create, as our current system dies. It’s not as good as a Harvard MBA but close. It gives the basics needed to get the job done and hopefully inspires continued study in leadership methods. A person should be able to master it within two months of spare time.

It focuses on the creative methods taught in The Secret, to first see the vision of your creation, then focusing your thoughts on creating it. That involves using habits of successful persons, including project management, understanding people, business methods, business law, when to seek expert help and generally how to make it all happen.

I honestly believe that on the backside of the collapse, we as a species, will evolve into a higher species, and that will speed up the time to vision our creations and make them materialize in a very short time. Most of humanity will be able to do this – to create with our minds.


Two months ago I watched the Netflix movie True Spirit. It is about a 16 year old girl that sailed around the world alone and unassisted. She was at age 12 becoming a true creator! In the mid 80s I wrote my Outline For Success, The Lazy Man’s Cookbook For Project Management, a Cliff Notes style of everything I knew about creating with your thoughts. I was blown away when I saw Jessica Watson, the sailor, hit just about every point in my outline.

If you want to see where we are going very quickly, and how we are going to fix most of our problems, I highly recommend watching that Netflix movie or purchase her book. The movie is not available in DVD yet.


As I said earlier, I follow my friends. Jessica sailed in 2009. At the ripe old age of 12 to 16, she experienced creating with your deliberate focused thoughts. Today I watched a recent YouTube interview with her at age 29. I laughed when I saw what she did with her life the last 15 years. She too returned to her creative roots – she got her Masters in Business Administration, after she had already learned it all first hand!

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