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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Swiss Family Robinson’s Soft Landing.

I have been asked several times the past week if we are going to have a soft landing. The answer is definitely “No” but don’t fret. It all depends on how one defines “Soft Landing”.

Will it be that the economy slowly improves? We enter into their planned new world? Will we just abandon them completely and create our own individual worlds around us, but free?

Let’s take the Disney Movie Swiss Family Robinson for example. Their whole world crashed on the rocks but they landed on a soft beach. They used their brains and immediately stripped their boat until it slid off the rocks and sank.

So now their soft landing was new ground and salvage to buy them time to restart. That is all we have a shot at, but only if we act before the crash. Otherwise, we may get sucked back into their system

We will not have a soft landing if we move into their pre-planned future. We will just be further trapped. The Robinson family had no idea of their immediate future until they saw what salvage the had acquired. Then they rebuilt from there. So too it must be with our recreation – only what we ourselves create. I hope this is clear.


Start salvaging now by getting out of the banks, out of all paper investments and into silver and physical assets that you will need to have. Start by building a team even if its to bunk with a neighbor so one can stand guard at all times. Begin planning your own comeback with extended family, friends and neighbors. Begin visioning your community coming together to create . . .

Shortly your world will slip off the rocks; best get to work.

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